Our history and experience reach back to 1959; since 2003, we are operating under the trademark 4ROOM, which reflects our activities and face best. FOR room or 4 different room-s. We take inspiration from life and nature, the product is finished in teamwork with the help of the factory and designers. We never stop before the product is “completely designed”; this is the goal that we follow. It is our desire to be and remain unique and to offer (our) clients bright and timeless lights through our peculiarity. We create the products to last – just like our grandparents used to. Thus, we use carefully selected natural materials cost-efficiently, but without saving at the expense of quality. All materials and components are certified and manufactured in the EU! We only make products that warm our hearts and are easy on our eyes. We sincerely wish to convey the passion put into our products through the products to the client!