BONOBO was born in 2014, when a globe-trotter flower child and a rational bohemian Kristi Kalluste began her quest for pure and natural cosmetic products. After the birth of her first child, Kristi’s skin became utterly sensitive, which sparked an interest in her to try a hand at the science of making potions with familiar, safe and soothing ingredients.

Oneness with nature has always been a topic close to Kristi’s heart, so soon her path crossed with Irje Karjus, one of Estonia’s widely known herbalists. Irje passed on the ancient herbal secrets and wisdom to Kristi, which allowed her to skilfully empower Bonobo’s products with mighty Estonian plants.

Nowadays, Kristi is a mother of two. Her bond and connection with herbs has strengthened over time, and so she keeps on embedding the herbal knowledge into and further developing the Bonobo product range.

All this is inspired by Kristi’s deep internal need to change the world for the better.

With love for her children.

Growing more confident and stronger day by day.