Ellen Richard is a trademark inspired by designers ancestors, which follows the principle that less is more. Products are made from natural fabrics and produced by local Estonian manufacturers. Collection has Nordic simplicity and practicality, meanwhile still unexpected and daring. Designs are inspired by pure forms of architecture, nature and men’s fashion. Products are partly non-standard in their form – for example, sides can be with different lengths. Some objects  are given the multifunctionality to wear the product in many ways – with or without sleeves, so that the client could dress appropriately according to the mood. Collection consists of elemental practical items that can be combined or worn separately as a casual wear or with glamorous accessories like belt or high heels. Chic black, white and gray are dominating in the selection.

The creator of Ellen Richard considers important not only well thought designs but also natural materials that are environmentally friendly.  All products are  Estonian fairtrade- made by masters of their subject.