Designer Liisa Soolepp has set her creative focus on knitwear, which is ageless, unique and practical. Liisa’s designs are characterized by geometrical patterns and by wish to create ageless design, which gives to the knitwear longlasting life. Her special interests are knitted coats which are very practical and eyecatching in scandinavian climate. In her designs she uses only the highest quality light wool yarn and all the items are made in Estonia.

My drive is the world of patterns and textures. You can discover them everywhere – in natural or in unnatural, human or in nonhuman environments. Arcaic and modern, geometric and abstract ones. To let them tell their stories and build them up, create paths through them, to make us wander along these roads. That is the way I collect images and ideas. That is I can hold on. Freewheeling my phantasies in creative process takes me to new stories and builds up new structures. The garment for me is like a talisman, which creates inspirational space and atmosphere around the wearer.