JOIK Hydrating & Smoothing Roll-on Eye Serum


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Joik: disaineri lehele

Quick absorbing eye serum intensively moisturises and smoothes the delicate skin in the eye area, reducing the appearance of fatigue and wrinkles.

A unique plant derived skin-identical moisture complex binds to skin surface like a magnet, locking in moisture and strengthening skin’s natural defences to prevent further dehydration.

Olive squalane with a natural affinity with the skin, moisture binding plant sugars, hyaluronic acid and a patented active calcium 2-ketogluconate moisturise, promote skin renewal, protect skin from moisture loss and restore skin elasticity.

Caffeine, green tea and Italian apple extract help to promote microcirculation in the eye area and reduce puffiness and dark circles, cucumber and cornflower extracts brighten the delicate eye area.

Eye serum is scent free.